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Qingdao, a prefecture-level city in Shandong province, is listed as a separate state planning city and a sub-provincial city.Qingdao is an important coastal central city, an open coastal city, a new first-tier city, an economic center city, a national historical and cultural city, an international port city, a coastal resort and tourist city, and a happy and livable city.

Qingdao is located in the southeast coast of shandong peninsula, east of jiaodong peninsula, bordering the yellow sea, facing the Korean peninsula across the sea, and at the forefront of china-japan-rok free trade zone.It is adjacent to yantai in the northeast, weifang in the west and rizhao in the southwest.Because of its superior geographical position, Qingdao was established by the qing government in 1891 and built a port and railway in 1897 on loan from Germany. Qingdao was developed by the "one port, one road" initiative. It has an international seaport and a regional hub airport, and is an important hub city for implementing the maritime silk road and implementing the national One Belt And One Road strategy.

Qingdao is one of the first coastal open cities in China, a coastal city in China, a civilized city in China, a national health city, a national garden city, and a national forest city. It is also the happiest city in China.Qingdao, as the beer city of the world and the sailing city of the world, is the leading city in the core area of the blue economic zone of shandong peninsula approved by the state council.As of 2017, Qingdao covers an area of 11,282 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over seven districts and three county-level cities, and has one state-level new area (qingxi new area) with a total population of 9.204 million.In 2016, Qingdao's regional GDP was 1001.29 billion yuan, up 7.9%, and its per capita GDP reached 109,407 yuan.

Qingdao has Taoist mountain laoshan, trestle, May 4th square, badaguan, Qingdao Olympic sail center and other famous attractions.Lao she, wen yiduo, hong shen, shen congwen and other celebrities have lectured in Qingdao;Shandong university (Qingdao), beihang university Qingdao campus, ocean university of China, China university of petroleum and other institutions.

青岛,山东省地级市,国家计划单列市、副省级城市,简称青,旧称“胶澳”,别称“琴岛”、“岛城”。青岛是沿海重要中心城市、沿海开放城市、新一线城市、经济中心城市、国家历史文化名城 ,是国际性港口城市、滨海度假旅游城市、幸福宜居城市, 被誉为“东方瑞士”。

青岛地处山东半岛东南部沿海,胶东半岛东部,濒临黄海,隔海与朝鲜半岛相望,地处中日韩自贸区的前沿地带; 东北与烟台毗邻,西与潍坊相连,西南与日照接壤; 青岛因地理位置优越继而1891年清政府驻兵建置,1897年德国租借建设港口和铁路,青岛因“一港一路”而兴,拥有国际性海港和区域性枢纽航空港,是实施海上丝绸之路、履行国家一带一路战略重要的枢纽型城市。